Cinemike Tuning

Unleash the full potential of your A/V-Gear!

For all parts of your homecinema-installation, Cinemike offers carefully developed tunings, modifications and refinements.

For many years, Michael Krehl alias Cinemike has collected experiences and worked for several posibilities to give stock Equipment the final touch. Because of well-directed interventions, the internal conditions of A/V-gear are improved by inserting components of better quality, by canceling the fabrication allowance or by fitting in additional filter stages. Furthermore every device gets a special invented internal mains filter that is perfectly suited to the problems the unit generates by itself. This is usefull to not harm the rest of the connected A/V chain. The optimizations go down to the smallest SMD-components up to 600 changes depending on device and modding level. With this application, the improved equipment reaches performance-levels, far above stock-units, mostly even not archieved by higher priced units. In the end, there are the small details that makes the difference in a high-end enviroment.

Additionally, we offer an extensive range of cables

Cinemike offers selected cables for every purpose in your AV-chain which will be custom terminated for your needs. We also offer special powercables tuned to every component class with an ingenious termination technology.

Of course, for every unit bought directly modded by us we will take the full manufacturer warranty

Also after the warranty we do full service & repairs at reasonable prices

Besides our tunings and modifications, we´re also offering complete solutions incl. installation and optimization of acoustics und electrical conditions.

with waranty of success! Convince yourself by our demo installations with custom acoustics and high grade products by ATP / Jocavi & RTFS.

In this videos you can get insight in the modifications of JVC Projectors (german)

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Gerne präsentieren wir Ihnen das komplette Programm in unseren Hörstudios.
Selbstverständlich auch im Vergleich zu Ihren mitgebrachten Geräten.

current Cinemike tunings:

Most units are also available as ready modded units

Advance Acoustic X-A1200

Advance Acoustic X-A1200

Marantz AV8805

Marantz AV8805

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

Cinemike Ultimate Fiber HDMI