Cinemike @ HighEnd 2016 München


Like every year, we were exhibiting at the HighEnd show in munich. We had the honor, besides showcasing our new electronic projects, to show you the homecinema premiere of the Aurum 9 series speakers.

As futher premieres we showed the new Cinemike Subwoofer in the 18" variant (more info coming soon / available in summer), the modded UHD-players Panasonic DMP-UB900 & Samsung UBD-K8500 which are now available as complete modded units or you can send in your unit to mod. Futhermore we showed the new mod of the Aurum M10 & M8 poweramps which also are also available now. The Chain was completed by the current Cinemike versions of the Marantz AV8802A, the Marantz UD7007, the Denon DBT-3313UD und the JVC X-7000.

The new AURUM 9 set with Titan, Titan Base and Montan was impressive and performes better predecessor in every department. We are exited espcialy about the improved radiation behavior, the silkier high frequency and the again improved impulsiveness und dynamics. With the new drivers with much more power handling capabilities there was no sign of compresssion, distortion or stress, even with high volume and 10 hour continous operation. Thumbs up to chief engineer Sascha Reckert! We are proud to show you the speakers again at our summer show in august, when they are also ready to purchase.

Picture wise the modded JVC X7000 showed the benefits of the brand new UHD Bluray disc projected on a Stewart screen with Studiotek 130. Screens of the world market leader Stewart with the unique optical coating technologie are also available at our shop from now on.

Because of the high demand for our show we are forced to give out ticket to handle the rush. On Saturday, the day with the most visitors, all tickes for the whole day where gone at 12 o´clock noon.

Thanks to all participators and interested people and especialy to our cooperation partners: the whole Quadral Team, Peter Hess from JVC & Ralf Lulay from Stewart screens.